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2010 New Year’s Dream Resolutions

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Yes, it’s time once again to post my New Year’s Dream Resolutions. Actually it is well past time to post them, and my handwritten notes from reading through last year’s dreams have been sitting on my desk for over a month, waiting for me to write them up.

The one waking-life resolution I made for myself this year is to relax more, and the only way I can make this resolution square with having so many projects in motion is to not push forward any project until I feel the energy for it. Everything has to take its own time this year, without me trying to force anything to fruition before its time. So, much to the dismay of my Aries mentality, everything is not getting done instantly. Dream resolutions are being written in mid-February, and that’s just the way it is.

In 2008, this is how I explained the concept of New Year’s Dream Resolutions:

This new feature is not like most New Year’s Resolutions because these are not about how to act during the day, they’re about what to do in dreams. Doing the right thing in dreams is much different than doing the right thing in waking life. It is hard to know whether a monster in a dream is an evil demon that needs to be vanquished or a gift in disguise that only needs witnessing in order to completely transform. Sometimes of course it is both, in which case you may want to consult a professional. Fortunately, I am a professional.

My dream resolutions tend to come out more like pronouncements than typical New Year’s resolutions, but that is part of the fun. This is a type of dream re-scripting, so if you try them yourself just let them come out the way they are. And here are mine for this year:

1. If you are held underground in a “DNA-resistant container,” get out immediately, maybe by turning into a tree and growing yourself out and away.

2. The lucid stream is glittering all the way down to the gravel, so go ahead and dip your fingers in.

3. Do not give your name when caught in someone else’s library—Google will find out and publicize it!

4. If you are pole-vaulting across the grass, don’t assume you will fail. Enjoy sailing through the air and you will make it just fine!

5. If you see a bunch of little kids wandering around backstage after a performance, bring them to the main hall so their parents can find them and bring them home.

6. Joking about how old you are getting probably isn’t the best opener at your high school reunion. On the other hand, you’ll learn a lot from the reactions you get.

7. Don’t just pass by the guy doing uninteresting things in a dream—he may be about to open the treasure drawer!

8. If a dead relative returns for 25 seconds to tell you your future, and it is everything you want, believe them.

9. Even if the others are hanging back, moving toward ground zero is the only way to get the footage that will really make a difference.

10. Just because you dream of restoring a beautiful theater into a thriving community hub doesn’t mean you should do that in waking life. But who knows? Pay attention, and see what opportunities come your way in waking, and in dreaming.