Favorite Posts

If you want to read the best of the Blog o’ Gnosis, here are some personal favorites of mine.

“All religion begins in awe”

A Long Strange Trip

A Million Ways to Startle

A Peak Experience

Abortion: Holding Life and Death

Advice For Graduates

All This Vastness, Nowhere To Go

At the Edge of the Marsh

Conversation With My Father

Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda

Hotel California Cosmology

How Far We Have Come

Light in Dreams

Notes on Going Forward

Old Home Week

Onward Into the Night

Phrases to Die (four)

Problem Child


Same As It Ever Was

Sex and Revolution

Some thoughts on chaos

Stopping on a Paradigm

Sudden Turns, Slow Approaches

Sweetgrass and Salt Water

The “El” Word

The Baby and the Bathwater

The Earth Turns Color

The Faerie Shaman Rides Again

The Lure of Curiosity

The World Inside a Sugared Egg

Walking in the Moonlight

Where’s the Sun?

Whither Reclaiming?

Wild Roses Have the Sweetest Hips

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