6th Annual Brigid Poetry Festival

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It is that time of year again, when bloggers around the world post a favorite poem in honor of Brigid, the Irish goddess and patron saint of smithcraft, poetry, and healing. Brigid’s feast day is February 1st, so between now and then is the perfect time to publish a poem to celebrate.

Last year many great poems were published all over the web. This year, I have set up a Community Facebook Page to help people easily view each other’s poems and to share them around as much as possible. If you post a poem on your blog, please share the link on the community page so we can all go there and read it. If you don’t have a blog or website of your own, go ahead and post your poem in its entirety to the community page.

I haven’t quite decided which poem to post, so I have a week ahead of me to wander through books of poetry. May you enjoy the same pursuit, and by February 1st may the web be overflowing with poetic offerings!

16 thoughts on “6th Annual Brigid Poetry Festival

  1. Reya Mellicker

    I will be inspired to dig deep into my books of poetry tonight as we are allegedly going to receive between 5″ and 10″ of snow. Oh yeah, it is TIME. Cheers!

  2. roberto quintas

    it’s must be in english? i’m from Brazil.

    Anne Reply:

    Any language is fine, Roberto–the language of poetry transcends them all.

  3. JeninCanada

    I didn’t know about this until today but it’s a lovely idea. I’ll see if the Muses move me and post up what they give.

  4. mouse

    looking forward to participating again this year!!

    thanks for organizing this celebration!

    look forward to reading lots of poems in the days to come. one of my favorite poems will be popping up tomorrow – mashing together the feast of brigid, candlemas, and groundhog day!


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