All Roads Lead to the Con

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That’s PantheaCon, for those of you jaded enough to think something else. Yes, the much-ballyhooed annual Pagan gathering is commencing this Friday, held in the splendor of a downtown San Jose hotel, and will run all through the long President’s Day weekend.

My crew and I will be at the Serpentine Music booth just inside the front entrance to the vendor’Lyra at the booth 07s room, playing all kinds of Pagan music, and selling CDs, songbooks, and DVDs. This year I have teamed up with the excellent Jason Pitzl-Waters from over at the Wild Hunt Blog and A Darker Shade of Pagan radio. Jason suggested some great new music to carry, and I managed to get his very favorite in stock. (If you come to the booth and give the secret blog-reader handshake, you can see his whole top ten list.)

Lyra’s art-ifactsAlong with all the music at our booth, my daughter Lyra will be selling some of her original Pagan art-ifacts, I will be offering my dreamwork services and selling articles & books I have written, and we will be visiting with old and new friends as they breeze through the con.

The booth is only half of the story, however. I will also be part of a panel on Pagan theology with Macha NightMare, Gus DiZerega, and Michael York, titled “When We Call, Who Comes?” That will be held on Friday afternoon at 1:30, in some room or another. Both Michael and Gus have written notable books on Pagan theology and Macha is no slouch herself, having written several books on Paganism as well.

I have been joking to friends that I feel like the character in Galaxy Quest who plays the “extra crewman” and is convinced he’s going to get killed in every scene. I have had my share of theology discussions over the years, and certainly have lots of stories about Pagan theology gone awry, but I have some last-minute reading to do if I hope to keep up with Gus and Michael here. So on this panel, maybe I’m comic relief guy?

Then on Monday morning at 9:00 I will be leading a dream workshop called “Dreaming and Waking”, where we will explore some dreams and talk about all sorts of phenomena that occur between dreaming and waking. I am always curious about dreams that people have at the con—or any big gathering, for that matter—because dreams so often express the collective shadow. Add to that the fact that many people utilize the con as a vision quest of sorts, and you have the opportunity for some very potent dreams to emerge.

Those are all the official things I will be doing this weekend—that I know of. There is always the chance of getting roped into a ritual or performance role of some sort, which is what makes it so blasted difficult to pack for this weekend! And there are parties, socials, meeting friends for drinks or dinner, not to mention attending other people’s workshops.

Last year several people blogged about pcon, and I expect there will be even more this year. I will most likely do a post-game wrap-up myself, but not until I am well and fully rested from the ordeal. If you go to the con, do stop by and say hello. Otherwise, I will be back in the blogosphere in about a week. And by Grabthar’s hammer, we live to tell the tale.

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  2. rosewood

    Here’s a dream I had before the Con.

    The week before the Con I came down with Flu. Wednesday night, I decided not to go, and Thursday morning, my dreams were full of spirits pressuring me to attend the Con anyway. It was so important that I attend this year. Calendars are thrust into my hand. Con Schedules and events for me to attend, I MUST ATTEND. There were so many imperative events, all of them began with the letter “A” which meant that if I refused these, there was a whole alphabet of Con events left for me to refuse before the pressure was off. I tried to schedule them all, but knew I was too sick to attend. I started to get some consciousness in the dream, and could see that the Astral above San Jose was full of fretful witches, packing their costumes and their spells, their herbs and their wares, wondering what would happen, flying back and forth between each other’s beds making sure all preparations were complete.

    I woke mentally exhausted, and sure that I had actually visited the place were much of my sister and brother pagans had been spending their dreamtime.

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